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Tom, professionally known by his surname ‘Miller’ is a contemporary Bristol-based artist, establishing himself over ten years as an integral part of Bristol's underground art scene.

Since gaining his first class degree in 2015 at the University of the West of England (UWE), Miller has become known for his original paintings and unique murals spanning the city and Southwest.

He has built up an international collector base from Canada to Tasmania, and worked with various galleries hosting solo shows and curating his own pop-up exhibitions in unique venues across the U.K. 

Tom works full time creating his vision and a variety of commissioned pieces for clients who request his individual style. He also often works with young people on school and community projects.

He's been invited to hold lectures and workshops on his practice which has been the subject of TV interviews, documentaries, blogs, press and publications as far away as Japan.

Miller's personal work is the pursuit to symbolise the experience of living as a spirit on the endeavour of righteousness before God. Miller's expression and style is always identifiable by the diversity of mediums and inspirations that create a vision which screams originality.

Upon viewing his work, expect to find an amalgamation of vibrant colours and dense layers, knitted together in a concoction of texture using playful brush strokes, experimental application and precise mark making. Each work is teeming with detail and energy, becoming a truly unique experience for each individual and longing to be gazed at in all their painty glory.



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