Tom 'Miller' is a contemporary Bristol-based artist, establishing himself over ten years as an integral part of the underground street art movement.
Since gaining his degree(and Kinglake-jones award) in the city Miller has become well known for his surreal and expressive murals which litter Bristol and the southwest, whilst his studio works fill sell out shows and have ended up in collections across the globe from Canada to Tasmania.

Miller has created one off commissioned murals and pieces on all manner of surfaces from houses to mopeds. He has been invited to hold lectures on his art, featured in international publications, papers, blogs and live TV interviews, along with being the focus of numerous documentaries.

Along with his involvement in the Bristol art scene he regularly holds workshops for children of all ages teaching them the art of spray painting and other media.

His works are the pursuit to symbolise the experience of living as a spirit on the endeavour of righteousness.

Melding styles to create a unique vision, be it an abstracted study of materials or a brain tingling landscape of other worldly delights, Miller's expression and style is always identifiable and screams originality. 

His work primarily consists of mixed media paintings and murals, constantly interchanging between materials. He uses these media to craft scenes and depictions of his envisioned version of life, transforming reality using reference from photos, sculpture and life to help create his world.

Upon viewing his work expect to find a diverse amalgamation of vibrant colours, a concoction of texture, knitted together with playful brush strokes and precise mark making built on organic, which points to the months or even years that go into a flagship piece.

The content dives from piece to piece surprising and intriguing the viewer within the confides of one piece. Each work leaves every viewer with a different perception and message to take and is truly unique experience for each indivdual.

These dense, layered multi media paintings are teeming with texture and detail with a unique energy that beg to be gazed at in the flesh.