Tom 'Miller' is a Bristol-based artist, having moved to the city to chase his dream of painting.
Miller’s work primarily consists of mixed media paintings and murals, constantly interchanging between materials. He uses these media to craft scenes and depictions of his envisioned version of life, transforming reality using reference from photos, sculpture and life to help create his world.


His works are the result of a pursuit to express, portray and symbolize the experience of living as a mind, body and spirit in a constantly evolving transition of thought on the endeavor of righteousness.

    E D U C A T I O N

    BA hons- First class

    Drawing & applied arts, University of the west of England (2012-2015)


    E X H I B I T I O N S

    ‘Imaginite’ solo show, It’s all 2 much gallery (2015)


    ‘Rightside’ group show, It’s all 2 much gallery (2016)


    ‘Paracosm’ solo show, It’s all 2 much gallery (2017)


    ‘Flip’ solo show, Safe store Bedmisnter (2019)

    'Up!' solo show, Trowbridge Town Hall (2021)


    A W A R D S

    Kinglake-Jones award, For dedication to drawing.